"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." (Proverbs1:7a)

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A Word About the Standard Bearer

For more than 75 years, the Standard Bearer has faithfully and boldly witnessed to the faith of the Protestant Reformation as set forth in the Reformed and Presbyterian creeds. This semi-monthly, 24-page magazine explains and defends Reformed doctrine, teaches the Reformed life of the church and believer, and vigorously combats old and new errors that threaten the Reformed faith and life. In an age of confusion and compromise, the Standard Bearer is a trumpet giving a clear and certain sound (cf. Ezekiel 33; I Corinthians 14:8).

Unashamed of the Gospel of salvation by grace alone according to the sovereign will of God, it calls saints to the battles of our time and explores and devlops the riches of the Reformed Faith. Grounded in sovereign, particular grace and eternal election and reprobation, it explains and defends the doctrines and creeds of the Calvinistic Reformation.

It upholds the law that regulates the life of holiness, and it promotes Reformed church government, the life-long keeping of marriage vows, and living a God-honoring life in obedience to Biblical principles. It refutes those who deny the infallibility of Holy Scripture, those who advocate women officebearers, those who proclaim a love and a grace of God for every single man, and those who say that all religions lead to heaven.

We invite you to try the Standard Bearer for a year for free.

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RWC: Standard Bearer Offer
RWC Standard Bearer Offer