"And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father ." (Philippians 2:11)

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    The Living Bible Prof. D. Engelsma
    The Perspicuity of Scripture Mr. Mark Hoeksema

    The Perspicuity of Holy Scripture Rev. R. Cammenga

    What is Truth? Rev. T. Miersma



    GOD'S ATTRIBUTES   Rev. D. H. Kuiper
          Glorying in Knowing God
          The God of All Grace
          The Absolute Sovereignty of God
          The Eternity of God
          The Holiness of God
          The Immutability of God
          The Independence or Self-Existence of God
          The Knowability of God
          The Knowledge of God
          The Long-suffering of God
          The Love of God
          The Manifold Wisdom of God
          The Omnipotence of God
          The Omnipresence of God
          The Righteousness of God
          The Spirituality of God
          The Unfailing Mercy of God

    God's Sovereignty Revealed in Faith  Mr. Mark Hoeksema
    God's Sovereignty Revealed in Regeneration  Mr. Mark Hoeksema

    Predestination: A Scriptural and Confessional Truth   Mr.  R. Flikkema

    God Ruleth in the Kingdom of Men  Rev. D. H. Kuiper


    + The Scriptural Doctrine of Creation
    + The Scripture Doctrine of Creation Rev. R. Cammenga

    + Uniformitarianism Rev. R. Cammenga

    + Theistic Evolution Rev. R. Cammenga

    + Objections Against Theistic Evolution Rev. R. Cammenga



    Seeking the Dead or the Living Rev. T. Miersma
    Disciples Establish the Church Mr. Marvin Kamps

    The Sufficiency of the Gospel unknown

    The Key to Good Preaching Rev. J. Slopsema

    A General Offer of a General Proclamation? Rev. H. Veldman
    An Offer of Salvation or the Power unto Salvation? Rev. H. Veldman

    Not an Offer, but the Sovereign Power Unto Salvation Rev. H. Veldman

    Free Offer or Serious Command?Rev. H. Veldman

    Free Offer or Effectual Power? Rev. H. Veldman

    General Offer or Particular Promise? Rev. H. Veldman

    What is the Gospel? Rev. R. Cammenga

    The Seeking Shepherd   unknown


    The Place of Women in the ChurchProf. R. Decker
    Women in Church Office Rev. R. Cammenga

    The Essential Keys Rev. R. Moore

    Pentecostalism-A Foe of the Reformed Faith Rev. W. Bekkering



    + A STUDY IN ESCHATOLOGY, Rev. J. Kortering(11 pamplhet series)
        Try the Spirits(1)
        Try the Spirits(2)
        Our Life After Death(1)
        Our Life After Death(2)
        Evidence of the Lord's Return(1)
        Evidence of the Lord's Return(2)
        The Four Horsemen
        The Sealing of the 144,000 (1)
        The Sealing of the 144,000 (2)
        The Locust out of the Abyss
        The Eating of the Little Book

    + The Black Horse, Poverty Rev. J. Kortering
    + The Pale Horse of Death Rev. J. Kortering

    + The Red Horse of the Apocalypse Rev. J. Kortering

    + The White Horse of the Apocalypse Rev. J. Kortering

    + Our Future Glory Rev. J. Kortering

    + The Resurrection of the Saints Rev. J. Kortering

    + The Great Tribulation Prof. D. Engelsma

    + The Postmillenial Error, or The Golden Age of Righteousness and Peace  Rev. D. H. Kuiper

    + The Pre-Millennial Error, or The Rapture and the Revelation  Rev. D. H. Kuiper

    + Amillennialism, or The Truth of the Return of the Lord Jesus  Rev. D. H. Kuiper

    + Watching Unto Christ's Coming unknown


          Marriage: God's Good Creation
          Marriage:A Beautiful Reflection
          The Single Life: Good!
          Sexual Purity, for Christ's Sake
          Husbands, Love Your Wives
          Wives, Be Subject to Your Husbands
          Sex in Marriage
          Children, Heritage of Jehovah
          Parental Love
          Honor Required of Children
          God's Will Concerning Divorce
          God's Will Concerning Remarriage
          Family Worship

    + Children-Willingly Cared For Rev. R. Moore
    + The Christian School: Why? unknown


    +  The Reformation Heritage Rev. R. Moore
    The Fruit of Church Reformation  Rev. J. Slopsema



    Remembering the Sabbath Day Rev. J. Slopsema
    Man's Sacred Duty of ObedienceRev. Dale Kuiper

    Obedience To All Authority Rev. R. Cammenga

    Freemasonry; May a Christian Be a Member? Mr. Marvin Kamps

    Discipleship in the Face of Apostasy Rev. J. Slopsema

    An Abiding PeaceRev. T. Miersma

    The Assurance of Salvation unknown

    +  The Evil of Drama Rev. R. Smit


    (new series of pamphlets on worship are coming soon)

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